Work With Me as your 1 on 1 Coach
      A customized program guiding you in realizing your health vision.

A Program Geared to empower you to

  • Transcend Limitations

  • Increase and Harmonize Life Energies

  • Balance the Nervous System

  • Create a Better Working Brain

  • Unblock, Release, and Unclog Barriers

  • Increase Ability to Manifest 

  • Melt Trauma


And Including Strategies for Vibrant Health

  • Body/Cellular Purification

  • Digestive Restoration

  • Nutrition Guidelines (Each Person is Unique)

  • Targeted herbs/superfoods/supplements

  • Breathwork Tools 

  • Plus a plethora of additional health technologies, modalities, devices, and tools listed to empower your experience in realizing your self.

To Realize an Ecstatic Life Experience


Higher Quality of Life

More Energy

Deep Sense of Calm and Peace

Spontaneous and always there Gratitude

To Ease from Dis-Ease 


Kylie McConnell.jpg

Kylie McConnell

 Mentor to Entrepreneurs

"Chad is an incredible gem. Anyone that gets to work with him is super fortunate because he is of such incredible high integrity. He is so well educated and truly knows his stuff. While also helping you have fun along the journey! Truly it's a rare combination you won't find with anyone else. If you're considering hopping in with Chad, go for it. I recommend people to him because of his unique skill set, way of teaching, vast experience and wonderful personality. You won't regret it, he's definitely someone you want to have in your corner now!"

Mike Marxx.jpg

Mike Marx

Visionary Story Teller and Technologist

"For the last 9 years I’ve been refining my health and wellness by changing habits, removing toxicity, and adding energetic clarity. I’ve explored many modalities and substances through this process. In that time, I met Chad and for the last 18 months he and I have been dialing things in. Chad has brought great insight into some of my practices around digestion health, with nature in mind. He’s also helped unlock energetic channels in a mental state to allow energy to flow where is needed. If you have a moment to spend with Chad, it likely won’t be your last!"


Momoko Jackson

Owner of World Curry

in San Diego

“Chad is a treasure box packed with his own journey, experiences, research, experiments, wisdom, tools, to share lovingly from his heart. I’ve always been struck by his ability to listen deeply, access situations accurately and give appropriate tools and simple steps towards unfolding ourselves to optimal health."


Robert Woot

Professional Welder

“During my visit to the desert Chad invited me to participate in one of his guided breathwork sessions. It was my first time and the results were immediate. I felt an awakening sensation and a heightened conscious perception right away. I now realize the importance of breathing and its cleansing effects. Chad is a gifted and sensitive person who has the ability to take you on a healing journey and see you through to the end. He is passionate about healing and the body and has learned a great deal through his own struggles. If you have the opportunity to work with him I encourage you to do so, you won’t be disappointed.”