How to Feel Gratitude Consistently

The moments where gratitude is overflowing are a treasure.

Overflowing with joy and exuberance, there is no longer a need for outside short fixes. In these moments, we have everything that we need, experienced from within. You become the person people become curious about due to the bubbly glow you exude. It may be hard not to smile in these moments. If a smile feels foreign because that feeling has not been found in who knows how long, just let go and embrace the full expression of glee you are experiencing. In my experiences I had become so used to not smiling I noticed that when they began to come if I was in public I would semi suppress the fullness of the happiness I was experiencing within. "I must look like a weirdo." My mind got involved inching me out of this state where no mind was involved and I was happy for no reason.

Gaps between smiles in the "timeframe" of my life.

How could I retain and never leave from this type of feeling? Because the moments were inconsistent and fleeting.

Which brings me back to practice.

A simple one.

If you do not have a spiritual process already that melts the source of what causes the suffering, this is a simple one that can be applied by anyone. It takes barely any effort and it is a fun experiment to see what happens if applied consistently. To make the moments of gratitude become less and less fleeting.


Say thank you to everything.

Everything in your life that you encounter. Whether in reflection or in the encounter at the moment.

Even all negative experiences.

Begin saying thank you to everything you experience.

At one point you realize the things that used to make you cry with pain, become a smile with appreciation, because they stimulated your evolution in becoming awake to grace. Everything culminated in you taking back your power to create the beautiful smile on your face. Things push your buttons less and less. Each moment becomes a teacher, to pay attention from within. The mind becomes more silent. And with less thinking comes more peace. And everything around you changes as you vibrate differently.

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